Okay guys, this blog is definitely gone. I’m sorry about that, and I definitely loved this version of Laura, but I really don’t think I can come back, no matter how many new followers tempt me.

I’m not deleting or anything because I want to keep threads readable and the art and resources I’ve posted in the past accessible.

If you still want me, you’ll find me at my new Laura blog and my personal.

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yep, im gonna move my au things over to my other account; i follow the people i’m doing them with from there any ways and i feel more wanted comfortable over there atm

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i’ve been weirdly tired all day

i hope tomorrow’ll be better but the appointment at the work program kind of rips that hope out and tramples on it



"Uhhh, essentially, yeah."


"Well, I mean, I guess you could call it flying. I dunno. Anyways, nice to meetcha, Laura."

"Essentially? It would be like walking on a trampoline, I imagine, yes?"


"That is interesting."

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[smiling warmly and leaning into her touch] Thank you.


Shall we, then? Would you prefer… Italian, French, or Greek?

I’ve never tried Greek… so that one.

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that episode of night vale prodded each of my fears with a sharp stick

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imakemyfate has nothing to fear but fear itself



"And who are you supposed to be?"


"Laura. Who are you supposed to be?"

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filiumvelox replied to your post: “there’s a lot of implied naughtiness in my starters for the era i put…”:
i know i owe you on current verse - do i owe you on any of the other verses

nope- i owe you *.*

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i just watched this like ten times in a row

i have no excuses just [ points ] porn

andyesthedoctorincluded [ swishes cloak ]

there’s a lot of implied naughtiness in my starters for the era i put that verse in



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